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Bungalow Renovations Auckland

So you own your very own piece of Colonial History in our beautiful Country. Having one’s own Bungalow is a great joy for the most of us who get the chance to do so but they also take a lot of care and maintenance. Our specialty is bungalow renovations Auckland. This is were we come in having had a vast years of experience at fixing Bungalows or transforming them into a more modern home.

Now as most owners of Bungalows will tell you they are like any Antique object they have an ongoing need of fixture once you get started. It's like taking care of your elder parents in time. We will help you transform your Bungalow into a bundle of joy with all the elegant character they come with.

Renovations West Auckland

Avondale Bungalow

Avondale Bungalow

Helping you start from the outside by replacing rotten weather boards to new timber window framing. Replacing the old roof with either something much better either new tiles or colour steel roofing. Making sure your Bungalow or Villa is water tight is a good start. Bungalows have the tenancy of being built right to the ground level which means it can rot away easily Foundation work can also be on the list as many Bungalows have very wavy floors.To finish of the weather tightness of the exterior it is important to choose the Wright paint product. Most Bungalows / Villas need to be striped back first so you will not get a repeat of the paint pealing of in 2-3 years. A good paint job should last 10 years before it will need a re-paint.

House Renovations West Auckland

Villa Windows

House renovations west Auckland. From re – doing the interior linings as well as installing insulation to warm up your Bungalow. Installing double glazing into your old wooden window frames is also a great idea as it also cuts down on some noise from the outside. You may wish to bring back that old T&G flooring by giving it a sanding over with a new coat of varnish. We can do all that is required to transform your Bungalow to the same comfort of a new building but with more character and history. Wish to add on a fitting addition or a new contemporary addition we can sort all of this for you. Modernising your Bathroom or adding a En-suit to the master bedroom to adding a more modern Kitchen for you to Entertain friends and family we can help with all of this. Call us today for more information…

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