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Conditions: 1*
Owners are not stalling payment process, mind changing, Council / Engineer changes, Architect plan changes, unforeseen damages impossible standards, owners must inform Thony Renovations Ltd at any stage of when they believe workmanship is not to there liking or of any financial problems they may face before completion of work carried out by Thony Renovations & their sub-contractors.

Conditions: 2*
As long as all progress payments are being met, owners haven’t asked us to stop, or we are being held up by any unforeseen circumstance’s relating to the job caused by others other than Thony Renovations Ltd. After 10 working days we will be charging and any payments not made by due date can incur-re a 22% late charge per month also any cancellation signed or verbal agreed contracts canceled within 10 working days of starting date will face a 10% penalty fee payable to Thony Renovations Ltd of total job value. Extra terms & conditions attached as PDF with this e-mail.

  1. Free no obligation written quote
  2. Certified Builders 10yr home first guarantee
  3. Licensed Building Practitioners since 2011
  4. 2 yr Maintenance guarantee
  5. 100% job satisfaction or hold last payment (conditions apply*)

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