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What does it mean to be a Certified Builder and be a Licenced Building Practitioner?

These qualifications represent years of hard work and study and give my customers the assurance that I am fully qualified to do the job.

To apply to be a Certified Builder I had to finish my apprenticeship, and have been in business for over 5 years. I had to pass the criteria and and apply with referrals. The Certified Builders Association ensures that – “Members are trade-qualified builders who must adhere to strict guidelines for achieving the highest possible standards in both workmanship and business practices.”

The Licenced Building Practitioner scheme is a Government initiative that came from changes in the Building Act 2004 to encourage better building design and construction. There are rules that set out the standards of competence that building practitioners must meet in order to be licensed. Go to the website and learn more about it, if you are keen.

I hold both these qualifications so my customers can be assured of the quality of my work.

Ingo Thony

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